22 November 2019
What Our Patients Say

Would you like to comment on your anaesthetic or pain clinic management or treatment at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust? If so, please contact us at the numbers or address below - we'd love to hear your comments, and may even put them on this page.

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital - 0121 424 3438

Solihull Hospital - 0121 424 5330

Good Hope Hospital - 0121 424 7428

Email - bernard.j.mcclement@heartofengland.nhs.uk


Some of our patients' comments

Thank you so much for all your help during the delivery of our son Alexander.  I cannot explain how reassured I felt, knowing that I was in your safe hands.  The spinal gave me immediate relief from the back pain and also excellent relief following the delivery

Dear Dr, you showed great care, compassion and understanding ... I was very nervous and you put me at ease

Thank you all; for the first time in years I am not in any pain

       I was so glad that you were in charge of operations on October 22nd and I know that it was in great part due to you that I came through and I am here today.  I can't tell you how thankful I am.  Every great wish to you and the anaesthetic department.

Thank you for your help the other day.  It was an excellent anaesthetic.  I did not feel a thing afterwards.


With thanks for the best sleep in years.


Many thanks for looking after us so well
Thank you for your help and taking care of me

Thank you for your skilled and caring attention to help my back pain.  Please convey my appreciation to the doctor who performed the treatment to my back, and to the team attending me so efficiently and gently

I felt so privileged to have you as my anaesthetist with your lovely outlook on everything, quite apart from your skill and care. Thank you very much for looking after me so wonderfully 3 times!!!

Thank you for talking such good care of us - you were a star
I would like to thank yourself and your wonderful team for all of your care and attention that you gave to my husband.... Unfortunately most people have no idea of the excellent work that you and your team carry out...