22 November 2019
Visiting The Pain Clinic

Things you might need to know if you have an appointment with the Pain Management Service:


The pain clinics at Heart of England NHS Foundation trust (HEFT) are held at the outpatients' department at Solihull hospital in Solihull, the treatment centre at Good Hope hospital in Sutton Coldfield and the Boots store in Solihull town centre.  You will be advised which clinic location you will be visiting to be seen at.  You will have a choice of location but not all kinds of patients can be seen at the Boots store clinic.  It is important that you keep your appointment or let us know if you cannot or do not want to attend, so we can reallocate the slot to another patient and avoid the slot being wasted.

Why have I been referred?

Your General Practitioner (GP) or Hospital Consultant will have referred you to the Pain Management Team in the pain clinic to be reviewed by one of the health professionals who have specialist knowledge and interest in the area of Pain Management. Although the team may not be able to cure your pain, they will be able to offer advice and help with different aspects of your pain and may give you some treatment that could help you to manage your pain more effectively.

Who are the Pain Team at HEFT?

The pain team provides a fully multidisciplinary service and includes 4 medical consultant specialists (doctors) in pain management, 8 specialist nurses including a clinical nurse specialist, 2 senior psychologists and 1 assistant psychologist. Other members of the team include 2 physiotherapists (1 senior physiotherapist) and 1 acupuncturist and secretarial and clerical staff.

How long will my appointment take?

Your first appointment lasts approximately 45 minutes. It is advisable to make suitable arrangements for this, such as your transport. Any further appointments are shorter than this. Please feel free to bring a relative or friend with you.

Whom will I see in the Pain Clinic?

The Pain Management service operates a team approach and on your first visit you will be seen by more than one member of the team. You may be seen by the doctor, nurse, physiotherapist or psychologist.  We currently offer a full multidisciplinary assessment at your first visit to the clinics at Good Hope hospital in Sutton Coldfield and at the Boots store in Solihull.  In these clinics you will be seen by all the members of the multidisciplinary either together or in turn.   

What will happen during my appointment?

You will be asked to describe your pain and asked questions about your sleep, mood, general activity and medication. This is a process of taking a detailed history of your pain. You will also have an examination of parts of your body that relate to the pain. The team will carry out a full assessment and discuss and plan the management of your pain with you.

Please bring a list of your current medication with you to clinic, as you will also need to be examined it is advisable to wear suitable clothing for this.

What can the pain clinic offer me?

Many patients referred to the pain clinic have had pain for a long time, and have not been helped by the treatment that they have received. Many patients are frustrated; some are worried and some depressed. We aim to offer pain relief where possible, and to help you improve your quality of life even if medical treatment has been of little benefit in the past. We will try to explain why you have pain that has lasted for longer than expected.

    Some of the Pain Clinic Treatments include:
  • New medication or changes in medication for pain management
  • Physiotherapy
  • Stimulation techniques such as acupuncture and or TENS therapy
  • Psychology
  • Medical day case interventions e.g. Injections/Nerve blocks/Epidurals/Radiofrequency denervation
  • Pain management groups run out of the hospital at Solihull or Sutton Coldfield town centres

The treatments which may be suitable for you will be discussed during your appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns about your appointment at the pain management clinic please contact: The Pain Team on 0121 424 4329.

Or if you wish to cancel/change an appointment please contact 0121 424 1234.