22 November 2019
About The Pain Clinic

Modern pain management is informed by the belief that pain is a result of the complex interactions between injury, disease, physiology, psychology and the environment. Patients attending the chronic pain clinic have typically suffered for some considerable time and as a team we strive to achieve an individual assessment and management approach, which encompasses varied presentation, beliefs and expectations.


The pain service incorporates the management of acute and chronic pain as well as cancer pain.

Acute pain

Patients scheduled for planned surgery can expect to be given information about post-operative pain management on their visit to the pre-operative assessment clinic. Patients having major surgery or requiring complex techniques of post-operative pain management can also expect to be seen by one of the specialist pain nurses before and after their operation.

Inpatients with difficult to manage pain problems can also be referred to the pain service for advice and help with pain management. Every clinical area has an inpatient referral pathway to facilitate this.

Chronic pain

Patients with chronic pain are usually referred to the pain service by their general practitioners or the hospital consultant looking after them. The chronic pain service is delivered as an outpatient clinics or day case procedures service although the pain nurses and consultants are able to see referred patients who are inpatients in one of the trusts three hospital sites. Outpatient clinics and pain theatre sessions are held in Solihull and Sutton Coldfield every week.

Those patients who agree they have exhausted medical approaches and are looking to improve their fitness, increase their understanding of pain management approaches and develop self help skill for future challenges are referred to the pain management group. This 8-week course is run off site at a local leisure centre near you.

Other Services

The pain service plays a major part in training and education in pain management as well as participating in clinical and basic science audit and research.

The pain service works in close association with palliative care services and the directorate of anaesthetics. Patients have been referred to specialists in other local hospitals for particular treatment including neurostimulation analgesia.

You can find out more information about the pain clinic by clicking here.

For further information for patients about pain and pain management please visit the patients' page of the British Pain Society website by clicking here.