22 November 2019
About the Academic Department

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
1st Floor MIDRU Building
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
Bordersley Green East
B9 5SS
Tel: 0121 424 2966
Fax: 0121 424 2971

About The Academic Department of

                  Anaesthesia, Critical Care, Pain and Resuscitation

The Academic Department of Anaesthesia, Critical Care, Pain and Resuscitation have been established in Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust since 2000. The Department is recognised as one of the 25 Academic Departments in Anaesthesia in the UK and is one of the six research programmes supported by the trusts Research and Development Strategy. The Academic Department of Anaesthesia, Critical Care, Pain and Resuscitation brings together academics interested in main topics of Critical Care, Anaesthesia, analgesia and other aspects of critical care relating primarily to the pulmonary systems, metabolic syndrome and Sepsis.

Our facilities are based in a £12 million state of the art research building MIDRU – http://www.midru.com . The facilities include a dedicated Clinical Trial Pharmacy, 10 Clinic Rooms, Seminar Rooms, Lab Facilities, Offices and a bedded area which can be utilised as a Phase 1 bedded area.

The research undertaken within the department is motivated by the clinical need to deliver best service in Anaesthesia, Critical care, Pain management and Resuscitation to patients within the NHS. The overall aim of the department is to achieve excellence in the training and delivery of high quality research within these disciplines. We have strong academic affiliations with the University of Warwick and the University of Birmingham  

The department is currently run by Professor Fang Gao Smith, Professor Gavin Perkins, Dr Joyce Yeung Clinical Lecturer and Teresa Melody research manager. The team also consists of 2 Research Fellows, 5 Research Nurses and 2 Clinical Trial Research Assistants. The department provides a comprehensive training portfolio for clinicians to gain academic research experience alongside their clinical training which is structured into 4 levels of training: Level 1: 1-year fellowship training, Level 2: high degree training, Level 3:MPhil, MD, PhD , Level 4: Multi-centre trials. Additionally, we are one of the few academic anaesthetic departments nationwide that offer a NIHR clinical academic training programme with Academic Clinical Fellowships and Academic Clinical Lectureships.

Since the initiation of the department we have secured grants totalling in excess of 5 million pounds. These grants have been awarded via MRC, Rfpb, Charitable Organisations and CLRN support. We also secured funding through Pharmaceutical companies (e.g. recruitment of patients into commercial studies).

What we offer:


  • Anaesthesia Respiratory ICM module
  • Academic meeting; Tuesday, 8.00am
  • GCP Training incorporating EU Directive training

Levels of research

  • Level 1: 1-year fellowship training
  • Level 2: high degree training
  • MPhil, MD, PhD
  • Level 3: multi-centre trials

Ongoing Research Activities

  • Study Design
  • Study Protocol writing
  • Research Study Costings and Health Economics
  • Submissions to Ethical Committee and other regulatory authorities
  • Data Collection
  • Case Record Folder formation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Dissemination of Data
  • Presentations at National and International Conferences
  • Publications: journal articles, books and teaching materials