22 November 2019
Our Services

Staff in the anaesthetic directorate participate in about two thirds of the clinical activity of the organisation, taking part in the provision of services to elective and emergency surgery, critical care, emergency care, pre-operative assessment, acute and chronic pain management and women's and children's services.

Elective (planned) Surgery

The majority of our time is spent delivering services to patients coming into the hospital for a planned operation. Our services include supporting the pre-operative assessment clinic in the preparation of patients so that they are in the optimum condition for surgery including advice on how to prepare for surgery. We also offer advice if certain specialised investigations are required before surgery. It is sometimes neccessary to postpone surgery for a while to allow time for optimal preparation of the patient for the best possible outcomes.

On the day of surgery, you will discover that the anaesthetist works as part of a team that might include operating department staff, junior doctors and medical students in training, physician's assistants (anaesthesia) and trained recovery staff. The team works together to provide you with an effective, efficient and safe service giving you an alltogether good experience.

Emergency Surgery

Anaesthetists perform similar functions to that for elective surgery except that things will probably move much more quickly. Anaesthetists participate actively in the resuscitation of patients who need more specialised support.

Critical Care

Anaesthetists form the majority of doctors who specialise in the provision of critical care to patients in intensive care and high dependency care units. There is also a round the clock outreach service to support critically ill patients on the wards. The critical care staff manage 32 critical care beds across all 3 sites.

Pain Management

Services in pain management include the provision of an acute pain service to patients who require complex techniques to manage post operative pain. We also run an outpatient and day case based service for patients with chronic cancer and non-cancer pain.


Members of our team play a leading role in supporting the provision of services to women going through labour and delivery. This includes the provision of ante-natal education as well as pain relief for labour and delivery. We also run a specialised out-patients' clinic for complex obstetric cases.